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Home Generator Brands

Home Generator Brands

If you have seen the news lately you have no doubt seen a fair-share of natural disasters. Disaster preparedness is always a popular topic after a string of natural disasters. One of the best ways you can protect your home and family in the event of a disaster is with a home backup generator. As our lives depend increasingly more on electricity, home backup power becomes increasingly more important. There are a wide selection of generators and it can sometimes be difficult or confusing to find the right one to fit your power needs. Below I have compiled a list of some great places to start your search for a home standby generator. Each brand makes generators for home use and their websites have tools to help make your generator search easier. For more information feel free to click on the links and browse their sites:

Home Generators by GE are actually built by Briggs & Stratton, famous for their lawn mower parts and small engines. GE offer a wide-variety of generators for home use including a variety of sizes and and two fuel-types - propane generators and natural gas generators. GE Home Generators's website also has a handy little generator-sizing tool and buying guide so you can find the generator that best fits your home needs.

Kohler Generators: 
Kohler has a broad scope generators covering industrial, rental, home, marine, mobile, and business backup power needs. Within their residential generators they carry home and propane generators and have power-capacities ranging from 8.5kW to 125kW.

Cummins Generators:
Like Kohler, Cummins also sells a variety of generators, from RV to Marine, commercial to residential. They offer a host of power options and, like GE Home Generators, they also have a handy generator sizing guide found here.

Generac Generators:
Generac make commercial, RV, portable, industrial, and residential generators. Within their home generator selection they offer generators in groups called "Series." The first is the Guardian Series, with power anywhere from 8kW to 60kW. The CorePower series generators, which are less expensive than the Guardian series but only support 7kW home generators. The QuietSource series are Generac's "premeire" generator, offering power ranging from 22kW to 48kW. Finally, the EcoGen series 6kW generator is Generac's eco-friendly and energy efficient generator.

I hope you'll find these resources useful as best of luck in your search for a generator!


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